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The police priority was to protect their own pig-headed pride JOAN MCALPINE
MICHAEL STEWART believes "pig-headed" Craig Levein has made the right choice by handing Robbie Neilson the role of head coach in the new Tynecastle regime.
They are convinced the star would be perfect as the pig-headed chauvinist who falls for the flower seller he plucks from the gutter.
The pig-headed plonkers made more suspect decisions than Sven.
When FAW secretary general David Collins was pig-headed enough to simply say the association "conducts its business in English", there was outrage.
Judge Frank Chapman told Lawson Lewis, 61, of St Chad's Road, Rubery: "This was a pig-headed and stupid thing to do and as a result she lost her life.
EMMANUEL Petit has declared his aim to go into management and admitted he could become the most pig-headed boss of all time.
The mysterious death of a middle-aged man driving in his dressing gown and a web of lies woven by the dead man's wife takes pig-headed Adrian's mind off the medical matter.
In a touching tribute, her family described how they missed the 23-year-old Kirsty every day but said they would not have dared stop their 'pig-headed' daughter from fulfilling her travel ambitions.
insist that Mr Savill is being pig-headed, arrogant and dictatorial."
Instead of being arrogant and pig-headed and thinking people are just offended by his success, he should get off his delusional high horse and apologise to Mencap.
Mrs Blair pompously believed this sent out the message that she was a republican when, actually, all it displayed was pig-headed ignorance.