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Little Pige was bottlefed for weeks before it was able to eat solid food.
Little Pige loves nothing more than perching on my head.
Derthien artyckelen (1627), where Tomas Piges signed as one of the elders, Sept.
Further inland, past the well-worn tourist attraction of Epta Piges, famed for its pines, plane trees and spring water, we drove through unspoilt villages including Archipoli and Psinthos, largely ignored by tourists.
Recipe braynes of calvis heds or piges heds & put it in a pan or in a pott; & put perto raw eggs & peper, saferon & vinegre, & stir it wele tyl it be thyk, & serof it forth.
French," she muses; "la langue Francaise, la longue francaise; ange, angine; that repeated ~nous'; pigeon, pige.
At Hepta Piges, high in the hills, a clear lake fed by underground springs lies at the end of a 160- yard-long tunnel through the rock.
Inland from the hotel, at Ept Piges - which means seven springs - there's a beautiful artificial lake and a waterfall, unlike anything else you will find on Rhodes.
Further down the eastern coast are the Epta Piges - Seven Springs - which feed a lake and small river that runs down a valley populated by a colony of peacocks and ducks.