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Product Sub-Category: Provision Of Pigeon Hole And Steel Gate
First, it is difficult to fix categories in advance for such a heterogeneous collection of work without forcing individual entries into often inappropriate pigeon holes.
Ross spent the next three decades honing a unique style that borrows from jazz, folk, rock and classical music which he pigeon holes as "Heavy Wood" and releasing exquisite, often-ignored albums.
It is particularly interesting for its good, surviving tie-beam trusses, struts, wall posts and pigeon holes to one gable, all lending character to the six bedroom home.
The rule, which goes into effect today, is aimed at people and companies that use swank addresses for what are actually pigeon holes at places like Mail Boxes Etc.
Some programs suggest an appropriate capitalization rate based on a belief that all businesses can be classified into neat pigeon holes.
Limited Tenders are invited for 33w/mr/21/16-17 dt 20 feb 2017 provisioning of industrial lockers, pigeon holes and locking device at mtf at afs jamnagar
CAB officers found the loot after trying to remove pigeon holes in the back garden that had become a health hazard.
They just sat in pigeon holes and we had to try to break them down.
Tenders are invited for Steel Rack With 36 Pigeon Holes, Height 3975 Mm, Width 900 Mm, Depth 500 Mm Shelves 13 Min.
Tenders are invited for 18 Pigeon Holes Lockers Of Size 78 Inch X 36 Inch X 19 Inch Made Of C.