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The only way you could pigeon-hole them is to buy their album and physically stick it in a real pigeon-hole.
A TEACHER accused of leaving pornography in the pigeon-hole of a female colleague has been sacked.
Equally, Schmidt was keen not to pigeon-hole Josh van der Flier, his other debutant tomorrow.
How can you be so narrow-minded and pigeon-hole so many people?
LONDON new boys Deeds Of The Nameless - who helpfully pigeon-hole their sound as "Nirvana meets The Beatles alongside The Beach Boys at a battle of the bands singing Simon & Garfunkel and Queen tracks" - release double A-side debut The Enemy Within / Far & Away on Monday, FRESH from his support stint on the Prodigy's UK dates, Dizzee Rascal (right) has lined up his biggest headline tour to date this autumn with shows at Nottingham's Rock City on October 13, and Birmingham's 02 Academy on October 17.
Outlining the theory, Dr Simon Watts, senior lecturer in psychology at Nottingham Trent, said: 'People down the ages have always tried to capture and pigeon-hole love.
If you sat next to him and his wife Pauline in a Beefeater or Angus Steak House you would immediately pigeon-hole him as a product of middle England, that is until he opened his mouth or picked up his fork.
The less we categorize and pigeon-hole people because of misperceptions or because of stereotypes which diminish a person's worth rather than ones that can promote that person's value, the more willing we can all be to accept people as they are - the more we can all benefit from all each of us has to offer.
Labelling them as a pass or a failure or trying to pigeon-hole them will just lead to unhappiness all round.
And there is no excuse to pigeon-hole the disabled.
And while this really is one of those albums that's all-but impossible to pigeon-hole, it's fair to say that his powerful/fragile sound should appeal to anybody whose tastes include Neil Young, Nick Drake, Damien Rice and the like.
Her style is difficult to pigeon-hole, always a good sign.