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Io is the solar system's only volcanically active moon, and in 1997, Galileo caught Pillan in the act of erupting.
In June, Galileo and the Hubble Space Telescope observed an active volcanic plume 75 miles high over Pillan as well as a hot spot.
Fuerza Aerea de Chile's largest military cadet flight training school in Chile will use the GAT-II(R) to expand its flight training curriculum for cadets who learn to fly in the T-35 Pillan.
Pillan and Vijay Kotrappa launched Guidance in 1993.
Leading the team at Guidance are Landes and Joseph Tang, chief technical officer, with support from Pillan Thirumalaisamy, vice president of Technical Operation, and Richard Parr, vice president of Creative Production.
Pillan and Kevin Boylan both embraced animal-free diets when they founded Veggie Grill in 2006.
Pillan as they continue to expand the Veggie Grill brand up and down the West Coast.
225-kW Enaer T-35 Pillan (Devil) is flown by eight Latin-American nations and Spain.
The huge dark spot, 400 kilometers in diameter, surrounds the volcano Pillan Patera and probably represents debris that rained down on the surface from an active plume.
Figures hitherto almost unknown are now being studied in detail: Satakopan ("Nammalvar," 8th century), the author of the most important alvar work, Tiruvaymoli; Nithamuni (9th century) who is said to have retrieved the Divya Prabandham and initiated both its study and ritual use; Alavantar (Yamuna), the author of several extant Sanskrit works, who is also honored as a great teacher of the Divya Prabandham; Tirukkurukai Pirzin Pillan (1060-1161), who at Ramanuja's behest composed the first written commentary on Tiruvaymoli; Nampillai (early 13th century), whose massive commentary, the Itu, is one of the imposing masterpieces of all Indian literature.
Both aircraft use the Rolls-Royce 250 series turboprop, which also powers Chile's Enaer T-35DT conversion of the piston-engined (tandem-seat) Pillan.