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So think navy-blue, pillarbox red, pale blue and then accent with light and dark neutrals like taupe, white or ivor y." Her collection of coastal accessories would gladden the heart of anyone seeking "sailor style", and it includes decorative wooden yachts, starfish, and dishes made from pebbles..
Here at Real we're loving No7's Stay Perfect lacquer in dramatic Pillarbox.
The group was led and supported by Paul Atkinson of PillarBox Media and the resulting "promo" is now displaying on the academy's LCD noticeboard.
In the past seven months I've been auburn, pillarbox and chestnut.
He sat with former East- Enders actor TV actor Ross Kemp, actress Prunella Scales and Trudie Goodwin, from ITV's The Bill, on a sofa next to a red pillarbox, to show how easy it is for voters to access the ballot box.
In 1999, Pillarbox Productions and Channel Four Television commissioned a survey to investigate teenagers' attitudes, knowledge and conduct in sexual matters in Britain.
Cattrin is played with a febrile intensity by Charlotte Gray - all tight perm and pillarbox lipstick -who has subdued her own need for a life as she cares for her father.
Or turn heads with pillarbox red lips - people will be so busy looking at your sexy pout they'll fail to notice if your base is a little on the dodgy side!"
DO you know of another pillarbox with the monogram VR?
Your colours should be truly strong - we love Dulux's sunshine-in-a-can Lemon Chiffon 1, and Crown's pillarbox Red Carpet.