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Five tree trunks, each painted in a glossy pillarbox red, grow out of the floor.
When wearing neutral tones to the eyes, glamorise your pout with a bold shade like fuchsia or pillarbox red so that your make-up is instantly transformed from a natural Gwyneth Paltrow to sex siren Dita Von Teese," Danielle says.
The group was led and supported by Paul Atkinson of PillarBox Media and the resulting "promo" is now displaying on the academy's LCD noticeboard.
In the past seven months I've been auburn, pillarbox and chestnut.
He sat with former East- Enders actor TV actor Ross Kemp, actress Prunella Scales and Trudie Goodwin, from ITV's The Bill, on a sofa next to a red pillarbox, to show how easy it is for voters to access the ballot box.
Post officials have replaced a pillarbox with a pole-mounted version to spare letters from the attentions of dogs answering calls of nature.
Woolacombe Bay, where we were staying, was breathtakingly beautiful, the sea was the blue of a child's drawing and the sun shone long enough for us to turn pillarbox red.
The inventor of the pillarbox (surely a blatant example of technological Gestell) speaks unexpectedly on behalf of a working class view of nature.
Moreover, it possesses versatile video editing features to help users adjust the video effect including brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and the output volume, or remove letterbox (black bars at bottom and top of screen), pillarbox (black bars at left and right of screen) and windowbox (black bars on top, bottom, left, and right of image) from video files.
They're painting a Royal Mail pillarbox gold today.