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The Investigational Device Exemption pilot study has been approved by the FDA and is intended to capture preliminary safety and effectiveness data of the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold in five subjects with acute thoracic spinal cord injury.
If a researcher decides to randomize subjects in the pilot study in order to ascertain the feasibility of using a randomized design in the confirmatory study, using the usual 1:1 randomization scheme (i.
In particular, a pilot study is important in clinical settings because an intervention being tested in a busy nursing unit is not always a perfectly preplanned operation; it may require ongoing decision making and the management of unexpected events before a useful version is developed (Morgan & Stewart, 2002).
The purpose of this pilot study was to identify the best listening task format and the optimal number of items for inclusion in viewing guides.
The purpose of the second pilot study was to determine the efficacy of snack recommendations without the benefit of using a medication protocol to ensure their achievement.
UCLA researchers conducting a pilot study on yoga and breast cancer fatigue are looking for women between the ages of 45 and 65 who have completed breast cancer treatment and continue to experience fatigue.
Sectra said that the pilot study was a result of its cooperation with the US military regarding the next generation of military radio systems.
He stressed that in no way is the pilot study an endorsement of cigarette smoking.
Despite this unrealistically brief period during the traditional "busy" season, about 65 CPAs completed the pilot study.
Lead and arsenic will be the primary focus of the pilot study, but researchers will also gather information about the exposure of individuals to benzene and other volatile organic compounds.
The students with the mutant gene appeared to escape the deletrious effects of eating lots fo dietary cholesterol, at least in this pilot study, Weinberg says.
professor of internal medicine and director of cardiovascular medicine at The Ohio State University, and co-principal investigator of the global pilot study.