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However, the present work believes that addressing a pilot study is an interesting and important topic amongst the researchers.
to conduct a pilot study in the field to evaluate the potential effectiveness of the technology in
The Pilot Study is expected to be completed within six months and will be conducted in six (6) VBA regional offices with an estimated 9,000 claims per month.
A sample survey for the pilot study may be obtained from this researcher).
UCLA researchers conducting a pilot study on yoga and breast cancer fatigue are looking for women between the ages of 45 and 65 who have completed breast cancer treatment and continue to experience fatigue.
He stressed that in no way is the pilot study an endorsement of cigarette smoking.
The threefold goals of the pilot study were to determine: (a) whether an investigation in this area is possible at all, and to observe the progression of the disease with various medical and psychological measures, in order to explore which of them might be sensitive for measuring possible treatment effects, (b) whether DH has a beneficial effect for diabetes patients, by isolating DH efforts from the usually attendant psychological expectation set, and (c) the best way to run the confirmatory study regarding design and outcome parameters as well as study organization and compliance of patients and healers.
Since the idea of choosing CPE based on competencies is foreign to many CPAs, the subcommittee devised a pilot study using a technology-based competency resource.
99 million cooperative agreement to conduct a NHEXAS pilot study.
Now, Weinberg is reporting findings from a pilot study that confirms previous evidence that the gene plays a role in the way the body manages dietary cholesterol.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Respicardia[R], a developer of implantable therapies to improve respiratory and cardiovascular health, announced the end of enrollment in the first global pilot study to treat central sleep apnea (CSA) with an implantable system, exceeding the 45-patient milestone.