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PILOTAGE, contracts. The compensation given to a pilot for conducting a vessel in or out of port. Poth. Des Avaries, n. 147.
     2. Pilotage is a lien on the ship, when the contract has been made by the master or quasi master of the ship, or some other person lawfully authorized to make it; 1 Mason, R. 508; and the admiralty court has jurisdiction, when services have been performed at sea. Id.; 10 Wheat. 428; 6 Pet. 682; 10 Pet. 108; and see 1 Pet. Adm. Dec. 227.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The system of pilotage oversight in effect in the state of Florida results in tight control of both the rates charged by state pilots and deputy pilots and competition among them.
She also implored the new members to use their high professional skills and knowledge to improve pilotage services in the nation seaports in their areas of jurisdiction.
Parmi les principaux defis auxquels fait face l'application de ce regime figure la garantie de son financement, la gestion des ressources dediees et l'amelioration de sa gouvernance, fait observe le ministre, notant que grace au nouveau systeme de pilotage et de gouvernance de la reforme du regime de couverture medicale, les discussions ont ete approfondies autour de ce chantier important a travers le travail des commissions interministerielles et d'un comite technique oeuvrant sous la presidence du Chef du gouvernement.
Akhannouch plaide pour une revision des modes d'organisation du pilotage des reformes des finances publiques
Liverpool is the first English pilot service to win the International Standards for Pilotage Organisations, which was started five years ago by the Rotterdam Pilotage Service.
According to a statement signed on Friday by the General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Communications of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Abdullahi Goje, 'The agency has also with immediate effect, suspended service boats operations in all its pilotage districts until the full settlement of debts accruing from unpaid pilotage dues by International Oil Companies (IOC) and other beneficiaries of the services.
Le ministre de l'Industrie et des Mines, Abdesselam Bouchouareb, a installe, hier, le comite de pilotage interne charge de la mise en œuvre de la nouvelle organisation du secteur public marchand industriel.
Les commissions mixtes valident le plan d'action et arretent les axes prioritaires Eecrit par FM Vision 2020 La deuxieme reunion de la commission de suivi et de pilotage public-prive de la Vision 2020 a permet de valider le plan d'action et arreter les axes prioritaires pour chacune des commissions mixtes thematiques.
THE Liverpool Pilotage Services will be presented with an outstanding global award at Lloyd's Register at the Town Hall on February 3.
Stevedoring, tying up vessels and even river pilotage will fall under the tender process if the proposed ruling is ratified by the European Parliament.