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9) The pilpul is a Talmudic method of reasoning and drawing conclusions, based on spiritual subtlety and keenness.
Yes, he's adopted the "the old pilpul song and dance" and engaged in verbal sabotage.
The parts of Canpanton's method which are central to Dogopolsky's book are diyuk or "exaction," hidusb or "invention," and svara mibahutz or "external judgment: These are the tools of classic pilpul finely honed by Canpanton.
Shorn of his black beard, and having laid his black fedora on the table, the novelist Umberto Eco still carries himself like the heir to a rabbinical dynasty, alternating passages of sly conversation with careful, learned explication and Talmudic pilpul.
At best, they may only discover or recover the original, concealed halachot via pilpul (debates, dialectic), and offer chiddushim, novel interpretations and insights.
To this day, we still have not recovered from the influence of this Pilpul.
In particular, the idea of pilpul, disputation for its own sake, constant questioning, was very important for verbal creativity, and almost all of the first talents of Jewish creativity were in the fields of literature and in writing essays.
Now this method of text interpretation is sometimes derogatorily referred to as Talmudic quibbling or pilpul.
The poem "Interrogation" sounds in places like the imitation pilpul you find in the French poet Edmond Jabes' work.
A pilpulistic manner (and there are many) of defending the Talmud's explanation of the mishnah's wording - if the pilpul came from a source close to the conceptual thinking popular in Lithuanian yeshivot - would probably center on drawing a distinction between "acquiring" and "betrothing.
29); and offers a phenomenology of Talmud study, suggesting that pilpul "represented a desire to sublimate feelings into thoughts, to transpose dreams into syllogisms" (p.
tries to untwist this pretzel and fashion a pilpul that your detractors