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The runners up are PINCER MOVEMENT from S Moseley of Tamworth and DRESSED TO KILL from R Gaynor of Sutton Coldfield.
He cites Tropicona's entry into smoothies last month and the repositioning of PJ Smoothies at the budget end of the market in a pincer movement by PepsiCo, which owns both brands.
Morillo (history, Wabash College-Crawfordsville) approaches the question in a pincer movement, looking at what military history is about, and at who studies military history and why.
The pincer movement of the commercialisation of childhood and the fragmentation of the family is now closing," said the archbishop.
A possible papal pincer movement could hold the English colonies in its powerful grasp.
If 2004 is to be the crisis year, it will see a giant pincer movement of Opposition and Old Labour.
Caught in a pincer movement between shareholders and regulations, senior managers should be seriously considering how they can boost their chances of a happy new year.
Leaving the green and going down out through the gatehouse, you turn back and look at the grey zinc roofs of what at first evokes a strange notion of the Grand Fleet with two squadrons of Dreadnoughts sailing in line astern to make a pincer movement on the Kriegsmarine.
Two huge armoured columns of US troops are pushing towards the city in a pincer movement from the south- west and east.
The dollar lost ground under the pincer movement of possible intervention and sporadic asset repatriation by Japanese investors,'' said Masayoshi Iwasaki, senior foreign exchange manager at Credit Lyonnais' Tokyo unit.
Caught in a pincer movement of lower advertising revenues and increased newsprint costs, the U.