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That is why the pine oil smell of antiseptic products such as Dettol makes most housewives buy the product because they relate the smell to a clean, sterilized clinic or hospital.
More important for the liquid biofuel sector--and of potential significant importance for heavily forested and cold climate countries such as Finland is the development of pine oil production and its use as a biodiesel feedstock.
The bodies of three members of the family, born between 1765 and 1800, were preserved naturally because of the cold, dry air of the crypt and the pine oil used to make their coffins.
Unlike the sophisticated devices conjured by Iraqi bombmakers with access to a large supply of ammunition, IEDs in Afghanistan are rudimentary--often just a yellow pine oil jug or pressure cooker packed with fertiliser or a homemade device crafted out of wood and batteries, stuck into a culvert in the road.
Remove from heat, let cool, then add 3 drops Pine oil, and 3 drops of Frankincense Oil.
Along with warnings like "Chemical disinfectants only temporarily clean with long term, hazardous effects to you and the environment," the most common chemical used to kill bacteria are phenol (a particularly hazardous class of chemicals), quaternary ammonia, pine oil, and sodium hypochlorite, otherwise known as chlorine bleach.
Dropping rosemary, cedar, spruce, fir, thyme or pine oil into water, boiling it and inhaling the steam can provide relief as well.
The trees continue to be a source for turpentine, resin and pine oil, which is used in cosmetics and perfume.
Simply add two drops of tea tree oil, one drop of pine oil and one drop of lemon oil to a bowl of steaming water.
Though the chemicals are specifically formulated for Floor MATE, others can be used -- except for those with pine oil, which can degrade the machine's plastic.