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Phylogenetics of Pinus subsections Cembroides and Nelsoniae inferred from cpDNA Sequences.
leaf litter heated up to a temperature of 450[degrees]C started turning bright (10YR7/2) while the samples of Pinus sylvestris L.
Pinus-Abies-Pseudotsuga forest was used more than expected in 1999, whereas Pinus forest and chaparral were more used than expected in 2000 and 2001.
Para dar conta das reflexoes propostas, o presente artigo foi organizado da seguinte forma: no primeiro subtitulo, serao apresentadas as reflexoes teoricas e metodologicas que embasam as analises realizadas; no segundo subtitulo, serao apresentadas a comunidade de Postinho e sua dinamica social, economica e ambiental na relacao com as grandes reflorestadoras de pinus, bem como, a questao do mercado global da madeira, papel e celulose e suas implicacoes para a agricultura familiar; por ultimo, serao apresentadas algumas notas finais com o proposito de suscitar novas investigacoes sobre a problematica da relacao entre reflorestamento com exoticas e a agricultura familiar, situada na comunidade de Postinho, localizada no entorno da Serra do Mar, Estado do Parana.
Specifications ME-1 (d) Face knot diameter (d) d [less than or equal to] 1/5 of h Edge knot diameter (d) d [less than or equal to] 1/2 of b and d [less than or equal to] 30 mm Maximum width of annual ring (a) Pinus sylvestris L [less than or equal to] 4 mm Pinus nigra Am.
Plummer (10) found Quercus, Pinus, and Carya to occur in the proportions 53:23:8 in early Piedmont forests.
Thus, the Linnaean name Certhia pinus is a composite of two species and its modern application must depend upon a subsequent reviser to decide to which of the two species the name pinus should apply, in effect, to designate a lectotype.
Since the early 1960s, the Korean government has established large-scale forest plantations such as Pinus densiflora Siebol et Zuccarini, Pinus rigida Miller, Larix letoplepis Gordon, and Quercus acutissima Carruthers.
Varieties of the dwarf mountain pine, Pinus mugo, provide interesting and unconventional options, in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and textures, with generally brown cones.
Species closely related to Pinus contorta include Western white pine (Pinus monticotoa) and Canadian red pine (Pinus resinosa).
NASDAQ: NHTC) announced today that the extract from the bark of the Pinus Radiata tree in New Zealand yields one of the most powerful anti-oxidants found to date.