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1" SVGA TFT display -Intel 440 BX Chipset -512k L2 pipeline burst cache -24X CD-ROM modular bay -Li-ion base battery -2MB/128-bit graphics accelerator -Touch pad pointing device -S-Video/NTSC out -Built-in stereo speakers and microphone -Two Type II/One Type III PCMCIA slots -2-way infrared port -Microphone, stereo line-in and line-out jacks -One USB ports, parallel port, serial port, PS/2 keyboard
0GB hard drive, 100 MHz System Bus and 512K L2 Pipeline Burst Cache, 128MB SyncDRAM upgradeable to 384MB, DVD-ROM drive with DirectShow, PCI Audio 2X AGP graphics card powered by the ATI 3D Rate LT Pro(TM) graphics contoller, Digital Flat Panel Port, Ethernet Port, 56K ITU V.
0GB hard drive, 56Kbps(3) modem, 512KB L2 Pipeline Burst Cache, 4MB SyncGraphics video memory, and to top it all off, a second-generation DVD-ROM drive that offers an exceptional home theater and arcade experience.