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The Mystique LCD system, features a 233 MHz processor with MMX Technology, 32MB SDRAM, 512K Pipeline Burst Cache, 16X CD-ROM Drive, 4GB Hard Drive and is priced at $3,799 -- a substantial savings over buying the LCD monitor and desktop system separately.
At $2,699, the Micron TransPort Trek2 300 ships with a 300 MHz Intel Pentium II processor, 512KB L2 pipeline burst cache, 64MB SDRAM, removable 3.
An AcerPower Pentium 200MHz processor model contains 32MB EDO memory, 256KB pipeline burst cache, 3.
The Presario 2412ES includes a M II(TM) 300 MMX enhanced processor, 512 KB L2 Pipeline Burst Cache, 32 MB SDRAM (expandable to 256 MB), 4.
5GB hard drive, 256K pipeline burst cache, hardware wavetable sound, hardware MPEG video playback, and a 10 watt subwoofer and joystick, the new Aspire delivers multimedia power at an affordable price in the Ultimate Solution for second time home PC buyers and gaming aficionados alike.
1-inch TFT Active Matrix display, 512 KB L2 Pipeline Burst Cache, 64 MB SycnDRAM memory (expandable to 96 MB) and a 6.
Loaded with the latest hardware including 3D graphics accelerator cards with EDO memory, the industry's only 10 and 12 speed CD- ROMs, hardware MPEG, pipeline burst cache, EDO system memory, and hardware wavetable synthesis, these systems provide outstanding system performance and generate arcade quality 3D graphics for the bundled 3D software titles.