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PIT, fossa. A hole dug in the earth, which was filled with water, and in which women thieves were drowned, instead of being hung. The punishment of the pit was formerly common in Scotland.

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Her most famous book was the novel Pit Pony, the story of Willie, an 11-year-old boy in early 20th-century Nova Scotia who is forced to work as a trapper in a Cape Breton coal mine, and Gem, the Sable Island "pit" pony he befriends.
Roy, 64, who runs a pit pony sanctuary in Pontypridd, Wales, denied his petition was a waste of time.
MY WEEK Punting high Backing Black Bear Island for my maximum in a match bet against pit pony Gan Amhras in the Derby.
Even though he is blind, his pit pony Nelson leads him out of danger.
Started like a stallion, ending like a pit pony dragged down by bullying women.
In the same month you can also visit and meet over 25 horses and ponies at the Pit Pony Sanctuary at Fforest Uchaf Farm.
LOOKS like a pit pony, but unerring VW solidity shines through.
Production for younger audiences in the region comes from a strong tradition that boasts successful programs such as the CBC's still-going strong Street Sense, Cochrane Entertainment's Theodore Tugboat and Pit Pony, and Salter Street's popular Emily of New Moon.
But Peckham continues to plead for money for his own venture - despite the fact he only appears to have rescued ONE pit pony.
Featured are stories of the training of pit ponies and the lads who worked with them; the ponies at shows and races; the dangers that men and the ponies faced; and finally the day when horse power came to an end when the last pit pony left Ellington Colliery in 1994.
The original parade, held in Sherburn Hill, included a band of costumed cyclists, and featured a pirate with a bike decorated as a ship and a retired pit pony pulling a tub.