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PLACE, pleading, evidence. A particular portion of space; locality.
     2. In local actions, the plaintiff must lay his venue in the county in which the action arose. It is a general rule, that the place of every traversable fact, stated in the pleading, must be distinctly alleged; Com. Dig. Pleader, c. 20; Cro. Eliz. 78, 98; Lawes' Pl. 57; Bac. Ab. Venue, B; Co. Litt. 303 a; and some place must be alleged for every such fact; this is done by designating the city, town, village, parish or district, together with the county in which the fact is alleged to have occurred; and the place thus designated, is called the venue. (q.v.)
     3. In transitory actions, the place laid in the declaration, need not be the place where the cause of action arose, unless when required by statute. In local actions, the plaintiff will be confined in his proof to the county laid in the declaration.
     4. In criminal cases the facts must be laid and proved to have been committed within the jurisdiction of the court, or the defendant must be acquitted. 2 Hawk. c. 25, s. 84; Arch. Cr. Pl. 40, 95. Vide, generally, Gould on Pl. c. 3, 102-104; Arch. Civ. Pl. 366; Hamm. N. P. 462; 1 Saund. 347, n. 1; 2 Saund. 5 n.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At the same time, the rise of locative based services (LBS) in recent years has generated a renewed interest in 'shifting the focus away from placeless flows and back to geography' (Nitins and Collis, 2013: 69) in the field of social media research.
Pretty much all of the work by Sinclair and Patrick Warner is placeless, presenting observations and conditions that are more universal or personal than place-specific.
For me, great films include characters with specific details whose motivations are both timeless and placeless. If my work happens to create something that affects peoples' understanding of anything, this is a side issue.
Menand notes how these research networks largely direct the attention of professors and graduate students away from their own institutions and towards the placeless and roving scholarly associations, journals, conferences, and meetings, where new research is presented, debates staged, and hierarchies and agendas hammered out.
Why transport an essentially timeless and placeless story--the simplest of universal farces--to Montreal?
To me, the elongated bases read as evocative of a placeless indigenous culture, somehow nomadic.
It may not be placeless to mention here that such a conference was once held in 2011 under the patronage of the Honourable High Court of Balochistan wherein exhaustive discussions were made.
tragedy a placeless, ubiquitous quality, as well as forming the setting for the game's action set-pieces.
In "Specimen Days" Whitman said of ferries, "I have always had a passion for ferries; to me they afford inimitable, streaming, never-failing, living poems." What ferries apparently do is afford a certain kind of poem via a certain kind of motion--"streaming" as a metonymic motion across a local space or at least a selected, representative perceptual inventory of that space, a catalogic in which each set member--tide, wake, barge, flag, foundry--contributes to the dissolution of actual place but in so doing convenes a commons not only immaterial but atemporal or transhistorical, allowing access to a placeless place at any time.
The seemingly irreconcilable and perennially restless protagonists of the myth of an integrated and cathartically cleansed island come together, not at the exhausted end of a teleological odyssey nor in existential anomie, but in a placeless and timeless act of sublime (self)pardon.
It is pleasantly pink and there's an information voiceover playing in the background - interestingly, the accent is very definitely Teesside as opposed to one of those placeless voices.