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The negative fetal outcome was noted in placental abruption cases compared to controls in this study.
In a study by Hurd et al antepartum haemorrhage has been reported to occur in 78.0% of cases of placental abruption (12).
Out of this placental abruption was 3.1% and placenta previa was 2.8%.
On the other hand, the perinatal mortality in placental abruption cases maybe as high as 20% to 47% [3,13].
The RII was largest for placental abruption, followed by "other causes", while the SII was greatest for "other causes", followed by placental abruption and unspecified causes.
Placental abruption is a rare but potentially fatal complication in which the placenta separates from the uterus too early.
"At this point the midwife actually suggested that I might be suffering from a placental abruption, or alternatively the pain was caused by an old caesarean scar.
Placental abruption can deprive the baby of oxygen and nutrients and cause painful contraction and heavy bleeding in the mother.
In a study including 64 newborns of women with one or more of the following pregnancy complications: pre eclampsia, placental abruption and intrauterine growth retardation, the maternal and neonatal blood was screened for heritable thrombophilic mutations.
Haas, Udvarhelyi, and Epstein (1993) show that women who receive "satisfactory" prenatal care have better health outcomes (as measured by the occurrence of severe pregnancy-related hypertension, placental abruption, or mother's stay in hospital after delivery at least one day longer than her infant's stay) than women who receive "inadequate" prenatal care, and Conway and Kutinova (2006) demonstrate that timely and adequate prenatal care may increase the probability of maintaining a healthy weight after the birth.
A meta-analysis of RCTs has found no increased rates of harm from low-dose aspirin therapy, including placental abruption or other antepartum bleeding complications (SOR: A, based on SRs and RCTs).
Toronto -- Women whose first babies are delivered by cesarean section face an elevated risk of placenta previa and placental abruption in their second pregnancies.