PLAGIARIUS, civil law. He who fraudulently concealed a freeman or slave who belonged to another.
     2. The offence itself was called plagium.
     3. It differed from larceny or theft in this, that larceny always implies that the guilty party intended to make a profit, whereas the plagiarius did not intend to make any profit. Dig. 48, 15, 6; Code, 9, 20, 9 and 15.

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Madam Nicolette also stated that Ambiente 2019 would host numerous prestigious award ceremonies such as The German Design Award, Kitchen Innovation Award, and Plagiarius Anti-Award for Product Piracy, and the Tableware International Award of Excellence.
Palagiarism comes from the latin word plagiarius, or kidnapping.
Other highlights at Ambiente 2012 included the Talents presentation by young designers, the 'Plagiarius' negative award for product piracy and the Design Plus Award.
Habiendo ya mencionado la fuente de informacion, titulada "Wikipedia", es pertinente hacer notar que esa pagina da el significado de plagiar, palabra que se deriva del termino latino plagiarius, que significa "secuestrador", relacionado con plagium, cuyo significado tiene que ver con "raptar" y "robar".
This poet--called here plagiarius (kidnapper, 1.52.9), from which we derive the term plagiarism--appropriates Martial's released verses and pretends they are his own, just as a man does when he re-enslaves a libertinus after his master has granted his freedom.
The Plagiarius Awards are given out to some of the best examples of product rip-offs.
The show will also feature its annual Plagiarius awards, a negative prize for blatant copying.
42 ad Sab.), viene detto che chi accoglie un servo altrui con l'approvazione dei dominus non puo essere considerato plagiarius ne fur; chi, invece, accoglie lo schiavo contro la volonta dei padrone e ladro solo se ha l'animus celandi.
n 6r: "si quispiam veto de ductibus praecepta cognoscere voluerit, et quotiens atque quomodo in causis habendi sint intelligere, is nonum Quintiliani librum diligenter revolvat, nec aspernetur item quae recentiores duo, hoc est, Martianus et Consultus [i.e., Fortunatianus] de ratione dicendi conscripserint, ex quibus impudens plagiarius fete omnia surripuit quae de ductibus praecepit, praeter pauca ex Hermogene sumpta." For further humanist criticisms of George's perceived attempt to pass offancient rhetorical teachings as his own, see Sabellico, 132, n.
The etymology given by Bouillet of the Latin plagiarius places plagiarism firmly at the scene of Sade whipping Rose Keller with his "poignee de verges", but it must also be present when the gender-roles are reversed.
In its 45th year, the 'Plagiarius' campaign initiated by Prof.
Plagiarius is a "competition" to find the clearest cases of plagiarism on the international market and to award them a Plagiarius, a black dwarf with a golden nose.