plain meaning

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He read the telegram again, and suddenly the plain meaning of what was said in it struck him.
The plain meaning of entitle is to give a right or legal title to.
State institutions act according to the plain meaning of the law, not according to their interpretation of statutes and rules.
Briefly, shorn of legalese, those who agree with Alvarez will rely on verba legis, or on the plain meaning of the constitutional text, which simply says, 'Congress, upon a vote of three fourths of all its Members,' may propose revisions to the Constitution.
The plain meaning of [a container] is something you use to carry something else," Phillips said.
But Franken argued the plain meaning rule was misapplied by Gorsuch.
His peshat commentary focuses on the romantic plain meaning, while the derash interpretation follows the rabbinic interpretation where God and Israel are represented by the beloved and the maiden in the text.
Irrespective of past interpretations, practices or customs, Bids shall be evaluated and any resultant contract(s) shall be administered in accordance with the plain meaning of the contents hereof.
34) This definition changed how often the court looked to legislative history because Michigan courts have to find that a term is "ambiguous" to look past the plain meaning of a statute.
The Georgia Supreme Court just handed down an interesting decision enforcing the plain meaning of absolute pollution exclusions.
The "argument that growing marijuana in a basement constitutes a 'farming or ranching practice' goes way beyond the plain meaning of 'farming or ranching practice,'" the county judge wrote.
First, the court considered the plain meaning of "amount of loss," reasoning that the definition includes the concept of causation.