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Second, the team assumed circular planetary orbits.
Our first application, to the Solar System without knowledge of the Oort Cloud angular momentum, predicted that all the planetary orbits should be within the Sun's radius
Even with the most powerful computers, it's hopeless to try to determine planetary orbits precisely more than a few million years in the future, says Jacques Laskar of the Paris Observatory.
Because the details of its evolution over millions of years are sensitive to precisely where the planets are at any given moment, researchers cannot accurately calculate and predict the erratic variations possible in the past or future shapes and inclinations of planetary orbits.
Evidence mounted that planetary orbits are chaotic, suggesting limits on predictions of the solar system's long-term future (141: 120, 231).
Yet computer simulations of the evolution of planetary orbits have revealed evidence of chaos.
Strikingly different methods of computing and tracking the evolution of planetary orbits now strongly suggest that chaos lurks in the planetary clockwork.
To handle such recalcitrant cases, researchers are beginning to turn back to ideas from classical mechanics, applying equations similar to those used to calculate planetary orbits or describe the oscillations of a pendulum.
But Pluto turned out to be a case of mere serendipity, since its mass was later shown to be far too low to account for the perturbations of the other planetary orbits that had prompted the successful search for it.
To investigate the question Muller and Schafer chose two physical effects at extreme ends of the range of our perception, the Lamb shift in atomic hydrogen and the precession of planetary orbits.

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