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Kurukulla Mons is a 59 km-wide volcano on the border of the Tilli-Hanum and Lowana Planitia.
Caption: GULLIES ON THE WALL This false-color image shows a crater wall in Utopia Planitia, with gully channels suggestive of water's activity.
The features at Hellas Planitia are not the only of their kind ever found on Mars.
The planned landing area for Beagle 2 at the time of launch was approximately 170 x 100 kilometers (105 x 62 miles) within Isidis Planitia.
On 2005 Nov 22 (Ls = 328[degrees]) a small bright dust cloud appeared in the Chryse Planitia basin.
FIGURE 11 Part of the Hrad Vallis depression in the Elysium Planitia area of Mars.
The orbiter made its first fly-past over the probe's landing site at Isidis Planitia near the Martian equator at about 12.
Scientists chose the landing site - a flat, low-lying basin called Isidis Planitia - to minimise natural hazards.
Scientists believe that long ago the Isidis Planitia region may have been covered with water.
The first video begins from the Sputnik Planitia, an expanse of nitrogen ice plain.
THE BIG, NITROGEN-ICE-FILLED basin informally called Sputnik Planitia has apparently caused Pluto's entire crust to shift over time.
The channels lie in Elysium Planitia, an expanse of plains along the Martian equator and the youngest volcanic region on the planet.