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They produced The Phytogeography of Nebraska (Pound and Clements 1897), one of the foundations of American plant ecology.
Abella said that this new work adds to a changing view of competition in the field of plant ecology.
The line-intercept method: A tool for introductory plant ecology laboratories.
Trends suggest that both agriculture, and therefore the abundance of non-native agricultural insect pests, and habitat disturbance will increase with expansions in the global human population and therefore likely play an ever larger role in plant ecology.
Alton Lindsey's Plant Ecology course as a sophomore, he found the discipline to be satisfying and intellectually stimulating.
The impending changes in our world make Ecological Responses and Adaptations of Crops to Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide a valuable text for educators and postgraduate students in the field of plant ecology and crop production and an essential resource for researchers in the fields of plant ecology, ecophysiology, agricultural crop production, and environmental sciences.
This challenge can be met through a holistic ecosystem approach, buoyed by ARS scientists' broad expertise in animal nutrition; soil science; plant ecology, physiology, and genetics; and system sciences.
Miss Walker, elder daughter of Yvonne Sherrington, who is a doctor in plant ecology, says in her evidence: 'I think that I was aware almost from the very start of my acquaintance with the deceased that he had a strained relationship with his own children, particularly his two daughters.