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2002) An LRR receptor kinase involved in perception of a peptide plant hormone, phytosulfokine.
There are many reports concerning the effect of plant hormones on histone modifications (presented in Table 2).
A number of plant hormones are actually part of the DNA and RNA replication process and are used in milligrams per liter (which is parts per million) in the lab.
Plant hormones, on the other hand, tend to be very general, and each kind of hormone may perform many different functions.
visually which buds will become cones, or get chemical, cues from plant hormones in the buds.
The group studied the effect of brassinosteroids, a group of steroidal plant hormones known to be essential for normal plant development (see box).
Scientists examined a family of plant hormones known as brassinosteroids.
Each of the six classes of plant hormones is involved in physiological processes in plants, in both synthetic and naturally occurring forms.
Stoller's Crop Health Therapy products increase crop quality and yield by balancing plant hormones throughout the growth cycle, so the plant can better withstand stress caused by unfavorable weather and pests.
These plant hormones, which travel from the roots to the rest of the plant, are regulators of aging.
Edamame is also notable for its health-promoting plant hormones, called isoflavones.