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Plant hormones regulate almost all aspects of plant development through complicated signaling pathways and the regulation of several response genes.
Experts believe that plant hormones or fertilisers and pesticides used on growing vegetables could be to blame for defects in the males reproductive systems.
It's the best-known and probably the most important of the five major plant hormones.
The study did not draw conclusions from the survey findings, saying the high levels of vitellogenin could have resulted from sources other than endocrine disrupters, such as female sex hormones from humans and livestock, or plant hormones from animal feed.
As for why tofu and other soy products, such as soy milk, are so good for you, scientists say they think it has something to do with two plant hormones called phytoestrogens.
A team of University of Missouri plant physiologists has discovered how key plant hormones help plants deal with drought.
His first publication following the war was on plant hormones and the growth of marine algae.
16 Plant Hormones and Initiation of Legume Nodulation and Arbuscular Mycorrhization
These are naturally occurring elements that regulate all development and growth of plants, also called as plant hormones.
Regarding number of seeds per spike the plant hormones were significantly different at p<0.
Oestrogen-like plant hormones or phytoestrogens, isoflavones help to reduce hot flushes by providing an additional hormone boost when oestrogen levels are low.
Galun (Weizmnn Institute of Science) presents a companion textbook for students in advanced plant biology courses, especially courses that deal with plant hormones and patterning of plants.