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All the nematicides had a remarkable impact on the reduction of nematode infestation, but Vydate was significantly able to kill nematodes the most effectively and promoted improved growth of plant shoot and root.
Accumulation of metals in plant shoots were measured for tolerance and phytostabilization potentials of the tree species.
Phytoremediation" describes how hyperaccumulator plants remove heavy metals from contaminated soils, while "phytomining" refers to how hyperacccumulator plants grow and harvest to recover commercially valuable metals in plant shoots from metal-rich sites.
Application of ammonium thiosulfate or sodium cyanide increased dry weight of the plant shoots at 6 and 9 weeks, with a sharp increase at 9 weeks (Fig.
At harvest (13 April 2011), kale plant shoots (leaf and stem) were cut at the soil surface, then washed and dried (65[degrees]C) for determination of biomass.
A comparison of the barium content on plant shoots under different redox potential revealed no significant differences in the control (background levels of barium).
Damage to flower bulbs, plant shoots and leaves, uprooted plants, and dug-up roots all are signs you have chipmunks.
Each of the three trials was comprised of four cages of plant shoots which absorbed the dsRNA, and two cages of plant shoots in water only.
Mainly stealing newly planted seeds in the garden and clipping emerging plant shoots.
Wasps were either tapped out of holding tubes directly onto emerging plant shoots infested with immature psyllids or were released into cages consisting of fine mesh bags tied around new shoots infested with nymphs.
Agile wallabies eat a wide range of plants including native grasses, leaves, fallen fruit and plant shoots.
The content of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus was measured in shoots from each treatment, as well as on a set of initial plant shoots.