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From his coat pocket he took a knee-high plastic bird.
The surest way to protect vegetable seedlings and fruit is to cover them with flexible plastic bird netting, or aviary wire attached to a frame.
Clear winner in the anti-bird sweepstakes is the plastic bird netting sold at nurseries and garden supply centers, though it too had its critics:
Al Nasr are referred to as 'The Penguin' because their stadium is situated next to Al Nasr Leisureland, which has a swimming pool adorned with the plastic birds.
Create a magical atmosphere in your own home by suspending glittered plastic birds and snowflakes from the ceiling using white yarn.
They came from different worlds, Ania and Diab, who met each other one day in the squalid splendour of Camden Town, with its smell of rancid noodles and grass and whistling plastic birds by the canal.
Glimpses of everyday manufactured objects such as toys (footballs, bowling pins, plastic birds and other cheap replicas of nature reinvented) and domestic ware (Jello moulds and funnels) become more than the familiar, they are now part of an eccentric, three-dimensional language that pushes into the arena of the decorative object that suggests a use, but is impotent.
In City Arcade, almost every shop comes with a nearby nesting pigeon - despite plastic birds being hung up to try and deter them from coming in.
Not far from where the woman died Wednesday, there were some plastic birds of paradise left beside a tree where a young woman died in another crash earlier this year, said Carol Macksoud, whose home is near the site of both crashes.
That left plenty of room for the gaudy plastic birds.
A spokesperson for Swansea Marina said there was no hard and fast cure for bird pollution but plastic birds of prey were a known deterrent although they were not 100% effective.