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Glimpses of everyday manufactured objects such as toys (footballs, bowling pins, plastic birds and other cheap replicas of nature reinvented) and domestic ware (Jello moulds and funnels) become more than the familiar, they are now part of an eccentric, three-dimensional language that pushes into the arena of the decorative object that suggests a use, but is impotent.
In City Arcade, almost every shop comes with a nearby nesting pigeon - despite plastic birds being hung up to try and deter them from coming in.
Not far from where the woman died Wednesday, there were some plastic birds of paradise left beside a tree where a young woman died in another crash earlier this year, said Carol Macksoud, whose home is near the site of both crashes.
That left plenty of room for the gaudy plastic birds.
A spokesperson for Swansea Marina said there was no hard and fast cure for bird pollution but plastic birds of prey were a known deterrent although they were not 100% effective.
The yellow plastic birds - which were last in water in the 1994 Golcar Duck Race - have since been living at the Wheel pub in the village, getting restless and out of shape,
The plastic birds are perched on the jetty to scare gulls away from Swansea quayside.
Others hang tiny birdhouses and plastic birds to brighten up an otherwise dismal place.
Dancers carried umbrellas decorated with flowers, sequins, ribbons and plastic birds, as Bill led the procession into a ballroom, where his coffin was carefully placed up on a stage.
But the best laid plans of mice and ducks are apt to go astray and because of a distinctly poor river flow and lack of substantial wind, the perky plastic birds headed less for the finishing line and more for the riverbank.
I tried to put some ducks out there because this is duck country,'' said Mary-Elizabeth Buckham, who has a flock of pink plastic birds on the lawn of her Victorian home in Centreville, Md.