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A map of a town or a section of land that has been subdivided into lots showing the location and boundaries of individual parcels with the streets, alleys, easements, and rights of use over the land of another.

A plat is usually drawn to scale.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

PLAT. A map of a piece of land, in which are marked the courses and distances of the different lines, and the quantity of land it contains.
     2. Such a plat;nay be given in evidence in ascertaining the position of the land, and what is included, and may serve to settle the figure of a survey, and correct mistakes. 5 Monr. 160. See 17 Mass. 211; 5 Greenl. 219; 7 Greenl, 61; 4 Wheat. 444; 14 Mass. 149.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For example, a section in the northeast portion of the county with a well-to-structure ratio of 2.5 had as many as six farmsteads on historic plat maps, but only two remained by 1997 (Figure 5).
However, significant (p<0.01 or p<0.05) decrease in body weights was observed at 27 days after dosing with [beta]-glucan and PLAT single formula-dosing groups, respectively.
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Pays Plat is one of a number of suppliers selected to feed the mill's daily fibre needs of 2,000 tonnes.
VillNmod Plat wou of g eve"I goa bee Hop like the fact that goalscoring has always been a big part of my game.
Plat will already be familiar to some readers because of his prominent role in Deborah Harkness 'The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution (2007), the title of which is actually borrowed from one of Plat's best-known works, The Jewell House of Art and Nature (1594).
This map was compiled using data from the GLO plat maps and surveyors' notes as well as descriptions from other historical sources.
Here he sketches the life of Plat (1552-1609), a gentleman of London, and samples his voluminous printed and manuscript writing on a wide variety of subjects.
president Emmanuel Plat said the company finally has found its home.
Recette ramadanesque inspirE[umlaut]e de la cuisine marocaineC*Nombre de personnes : 4DifficultE[umlaut] : 1 Temps de cuisson : 40Temps de prE[umlaut]paration : 15IngrE[umlaut]dients:1 kg de gigot dE[umlaut]sossE[umlaut] et dE[umlaut]taillE[umlaut] en morceaux, 250 g d'abricots secs, 2 poignE[umlaut]es de raisins secs, 3 cuillE[umlaut]rE[umlaut]es Ea soupe de miel, 5 cuillE[umlaut]rE[umlaut]es Ea soupe d'huile d'olive, 1 oignon, 1 bouquet de coriandre, 1 pincE[umlaut]e de cannelle, 1 pincE[umlaut]e de gingembre, sel et poivre.PrE[umlaut]paration:Cuisson : 2 h (40 mn en autocuiseur) Dans un plat Ea tajine mettre l'agneau, l'oignon E[umlaut]mincE[umlaut], le bouquet de coriandre, l'huile, la cannelle et le gingembre.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-30 March 2007-Swedish steel group SSAB acquires sheet and ventilation supplier Steinwalls Plat AB(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD