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Chapters 12-18 cover turnarounds, breaks, intros and endings, how to play by ear, combining the licks and soloing, adapting a blues piece to the boogie-woogie style, further study and suggested listening.
He read everything that he played," White explained, drawing a distinction between many of the young brass band musicians who play by ear, improvising rather than reading the music.
The beginning or experienced piano teacher will find information on the art of teaching, training to play by ear and transpose, developing good piano technique, preventing piano practice injuries, teaching music reading, sight singing and ear training, teaching musical terminology through music club activities, curriculum and repertoire guides, musical expression and interpretation, pedal technique, musical ornamentation, beginning improvisation and composition, recital etiquette, motivation, music history, and more.
Halls' own musical background began in early childhood in his native England when he tried to "play by ear" what he heard his father, an amateur musician, playing on the family's piano.
The site offers online "" instruction in Basic Concepts of Music and Basic Ear Training for beginners, as well as Song Writing, Improvisation and a Play By Ear Series for more advanced students.
We usually have to play by ear. Sometimes, they just want PlaydA[degrees] ough.