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And from a team perspective, he says there's a need to realise there are times to play rugby and times to play the percentages.
"I just tried to play the percentages and it was a long, hard day out there, but we are in a good position now.
He wants Sessegnon to play the percentages while retaining a clear understanding of his role in the side.
Someone to play the percentages. Someone to steer England to the 450-runs mark that every cricket expert worthy of the name this past week has been advocating as the minimum requirement for a first-innings score on an Oval wicket as flat as a Lancashire vowel.
"The way thar Stoke play the percentages there was always the chance they could pinch something and they did."
Collins said: 'The number of times I've been told before games to get the ball into the corners and play the percentages, that type of thing.
The boy is 21, and the most important thing for him to learn is to play the percentages," he said.
Unfortunately neither approach comes with any guarantees and while Llanelli played Barbarians rugby in beating Gala last time out, there is a chance they will want to play the percentages a bit more given the fact they actually stand a chance of beating Mose to the top spot in Pool Six.