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There's nothing like simply creating a blog and playing around with it, or starting a wiki and seeing how it works," says Linda Braun, a technology consultant who works with libraries, and a board member of the Young Adult Library Services Association division of the American Library Association.
Ken Bowman, PECO's manager for safety, said the fantasy film depicts a "very unfortunate plot" that could confuse young people and suggest to them that playing around power lines is not hazardous.
Recorded live in Cologne in 1999 is this cracking band led by the Romanian saxophonist and featuring trumpeter Dusko Goykovich, born in the former Yugoslavia, now playing around the world.
It was really just playing around with the dough and the starter.
I wanted to make something that didn't look like digital out of a digital medium, but I didn't want it to look cartoony, and I ironically started playing around with the "real" filters in Photoshop, like photocopy, etc.
One question asked: "Does it concern you or not that (1) when people's homes are broken into and they own a gun, the intruder might take the gun away from the owner and shoot him or her; (2) a common cause of injury or death among family members, especially children, results from their either cleaning or playing around with a gun; (3) people often forget to put the safety latch on guns around the house, and sometimes leave them loaded, which causes many accidental injuries or even death; (4) small guns that many women obtain because they are easier to use are mistaken by children as toy guns which they play with and injure themselves with.
Just as musicians decades ago performed concerts near the Berlin Wall to encourage respect for human rights in the then-Soviet eastern bloc, modern satellite technology today allows musicians playing around the world to share their support directly with people living under repressive governments.
SAFETY chiefs are warning about the dangers of children playing around water as the wet weather continues.