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Watch commander Steven Hodgetts from Solihull fire station said: "He was doing what kids do, playing around, and got his hand stuck in a pizza doughmaking machine.
Devereux said: "I think Gavin should stop playing around now and make clear his intentions.
QWHEN I read that the Italian Prime Minister's wife is divorcing him because he never apologised for playing around, it dredged up feelings that I've kept buried for over ten years.
Brighouse Fire Station watch manager Alex McFarlane said: "The young man was playing around with an aerosol can and a lighter when the can exploded.
This is a musical term simply meaning the retardation, or even the anticipation, of the beat--slightly playing around with the strictness of the beat, giving a sense of spontaneity.
Whether an act of bravado, or fuelled by alcohol, the effects of playing around in the River Tyne are often tragic as people don't appreciate the strength of the current or how cold the water is.
The director is playing around a bit with Armado's page, Moth (Angela Berliner) who turns out -- oddly -- to be playing things in drag.
It is one of those ambitions which addles the brains of grant providers and enables bright people to get on with playing around with stuff.