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Draw For Sunday's Cearnssport Ltd Stakes final: 1 Aghadown Chief, 2 Irby Lad, 3 Whitefield Kid, 4 Pacey Macy (w), 5 Playing The Fool (w), 6 Farloe Rover (w).
The prevailing attitude of our conservative times demands that art be instantly intelligible; that we should know exactly where we stand with it and that there is no funny business going on that might end with us playing the fool.
The Birmingham Post, November 197750 Years Ago Shedding inhibitions, casting dignity to the winds, Birmingham 'let its hair down' on Saturday for its annual vicarious enjoyment of all the delights of dressing-up, playing the fool and poking the broad finger of adolescent humour at those international, national and municipal institutions in which self-importance and pomposity offer sitting targets.
An onlooker said: "Anna had an ear-to-ear grin the whole time and Stephen was cracking jokes and generally playing the fool.
Claudius, the stammering and half-lame grandson of the scheming empress Livia, survives amid corruption and deceit by playing the fool.
All three are subversives, playing the fool while undermining authority with surprising finesse.
DAVID BECKHAM is in the first Only Fools And Horses sketch for 10 years - I assume he's playing the fool.
Motor-mouth Malignaggi may be no stranger to playing the fool but if over half a decade of performing at the very top level has given him anything, it is an insight into what makes many of his rivals tick.
As for Harry, I see he is dancing and drinking his way around the Caribbean and Brazil, playing the fool.
The photos reveal Bardot as an innocent, unassuming schoolgirl playing the fool in the early 1950s, before "And God Created Woman" was to turn the mousey-haired teen into an international star.
Owen Wilson takes a break from playing the fool to star in this war drama.
2) Jamie Carragher: The one thing you don't do to Carra is confront him playing the fool.