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In April 2014, Renee will be releasing an erotic novel titled, Playing with Fire.
In Playing with Fire, the mystical heat of the physical world is a crucial theme of the book: the perennial wisdom that surfaces throughout our lives as something lucid and transparent and utterly compelling.
The dual meaning of the title - Playing With Fire - will not be lost on many in cricketing circles.
By our estimates, if you eat grilled fatty meats every day, you're playing with fire as far as your risk of cancer is concerned.
Newman adds, "The end of 2006 greets us with the cold, hard fact that at this level of exposure, we're playing with fire.
Hacker: Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) is playing with fire.
State-run Press TV later quoted him as warning that an attack on Iran would be playing with fire, but also saying it was unlikely.
He was sued by the record company Abkco, which claimed that the rapper had used Play With Fire on his track Playing With Fire from his disc Tha Carter III.
Pupils from Ridgeway Primary School, South Tyneside, have been learning about the dangers of playing with fire and the seriousness of making hoax calls by acting out mock 999 calls.
Britney Spears' desperate husband wrote a double-page article in the New York Post to promote panned debut album, Playing With Fire.
As if to show he wasn't really playing with fire, Westbrook got Izturis to ground into another double play in the eighth with Figgins on first.
Tinkering with the emergency services as shown by the recent crisis in the Welsh Ambulance Service could be playing with fire.