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You should pat yourself on the back and stop trying to please other people, and please yourself.
If you want to be an award-winning copywriter, please yourself.
Dawn said: "Oh please yourself then," and walked another way - towards some woods across a field - and these, unknown to Dawn, were nicknamed the Devil's Woods by the locals, and not without good reason.
I like the idea of writing something to please yourself.
The guitarist finishes: "I like the idea of writing something to please yourself.
Please yourself where you put them, but october is the big month for planting tulips so you need to buy them now.
With everything I say you can either believe me and please yourself if you take any notice of it, or put it in a paper that I am lying," he said.
The advantage is that you are met on arrival at the airport, transferred to your hotel and although there are many excursions offered, you are pretty much left to please yourself if you wish.
A tough day for you Aries, one of those days when all eyes are on you and whatever you decide you know you won't please everyone, so please yourself.
This applies particularly to events at the University of Please Yourself, as an Erie Idle character in "All You Need is Cash," a Beatles' satire, once referred to the Golden State's seat of higher learning.
The idea that pleasing an audience is somehow too challenging or too unfair for an artist is absurd--I think that with enough creativity you can please yourself and an audience.