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Benjo Basas, leader of the teacher's movement, said, "The plebian Bonifacio would be turning in his grave with the flowers and accolades accorded to him by the modern-day illustrados who are now in power.
Came across Blackstone's statement, he asked in the margin 'whether a conclusion can be just in theory, that will not bear adoption in practice.' John Adams too was dumfounded when he encountered an assertion that 'revolution principles' were 'noble and True' but 'the application of them to particular cases is wild and utopian.' 'How they can be in general true, and not applicable to particular cases, I cannot comprehend.' (68) And this American variant of "Real Whig" (69) political theory traveled up and down the colonial seaboard, informing discussions esoteric and plebian, "providing] a strong unifying element" (70) for the diverse colonial people.
Matthew Maule ought to "recall the ousted Roger Conant and his band of old planters'--and Colonel Pyncheon to recall the stern sub-planter of Conant, John Endicott, and his band of "new planters." Hawthorne's narrative not only recapitulates the Conant-Endicott story in its general emphasis on the ancient conflict between a sturdy plebian and a strong-willed aristocrat but also exploits the details of that story" (Emery 132).
Uneasily balanced between the norms of their plebian upbringing and those of their more patrician peers and colleagues, they often feel like "straddlers" without any sense of stable identity or belonging.
Unfortunately for Viceland, Time Warner Cable's legendarily awful search function doesn't currently call up the channel in search results, and so one must scroll through the guide like a plebian until it appears, nestled in between an Animal Planet and FYI.
He also commanded that his lieutenants shun their office or work spaces for more plebian but efficient cubicles.
In a 1962 speech Lim Chin Siong stated that Barisan Sosialis was comprised of 'men who are known for their resoluteness, men who have gone to prison, endured privations and tortures because they want to rid this country of colonialism' (Plebian 1, 7 [1962]: 1).
I mean, the awards show has always lacked the stentorian and self-important splendor of the Oscars because it tends to give off a more plebian vibe: The Golden Globes are a company who couldn't get it together to throw a holiday party before the holidays, so it decides to have a little shindig when everyone is back from vacation have never been in a less of a mood to ingest canapes that aren't worth the calories, and drink champagne with a bunch of people they had, just a week before, happily forgotten they ever knew.
Nietzsche's praise of the Greeks--at least until the time that ugly plebian came on to the stage (88)--is almost invariably and unreservedly glowing.
The philosopher poet and universal scholar bring a vital message for world that a plebian, Humble, Silly, distressed, Hamstrung, Unfamiliar, baffled, doomed and Hiker (all these comparisons are according to the different circumstances which justifies her pain, valor and firmness to access to Punhoo) Sassui too was dazed as that of musk deer and Huma and plagued for not being able to set foot on ground but later she realizes that her humble efforts has made her immaculate and precious one.
As in the parliamentary election he was unsuccessful, although after failing at the plebian hustings at home, there was success to come when he was nominated for the British Lions tour of New Zealand and Australia in 1971.
a misfit if not an outcast, at least because of his "plebian"