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Confusion between the concepts of a referendum and a plebiscite can be avoided by using the term direct votes to refer to public votes on a given issue where the binding effect of the votes has not been determined or to refer collectively to both referenda and plebiscites.
Ja-afar called for the creation of a southwestern Mindanao autonomous area, saying this will facilitate the holding of a plebiscite for autonomy in all villages in the provinces of Sulu, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay and the cities of Isabela, Pagadian, Dipolog, Dapitan and Zamboanga, to determine whether they want to be part of the ARMM.
The plebiscite and vote counting are expected to be held on March 12, officials of the city in Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, said.
Sorensen was personally present in Puerto Rico the week before the plebiscite and said he wished that the Members of the Committee had also had a chance to observe the campaign first-hand.
The mayors then decided among themselves to carry out a plebiscite.
The city of Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on Sunday gave notice it will hold a plebiscite March 12 to ask citizens whether they will accept a plan to relocate U.
Beazley and his Plebiscites", Professor David Flint pointed out that the proposal for a series of plebiscites on the republic issue was first and foremost an underhand device to undermine respect for our present constitutional arrangements.
9 percent (the plebiscites of 1981, 1987, 1993, and 1999 produced 98.
Residents of Miyama overwhelmingly voted against the idea of having a power company build a nuclear power plant in the region in the first such plebiscite to be held with no pending construction plans at stake.
As a result, Uruguay is a nation where corporate executives are generally loathed; the words "big government" soothe local ears; ostentation is scorned (especially among visiting Argentines clad in mink coats and driving luxury cars); schoolteachers and owners of small, family businesses are role models; and privatization attempts face plebiscites that overwhelmingly vote it down.
But Broder's larger argument stands: Initiatives are faux plebiscites, engineered by moneyed agendas.
The KMT, which holds a comfortable majority in the legislature and dominates the Constitution-amending National Assembly, is not opposed to introducing plebiscites but wants their scope strictly limited to minor policy issues.