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The Speaker's proposal for the political class is a win-win: It dangles a fair exchange, incumbent barangay officials have a vested interest to ensure a turnout adequate enough to reelect them, while holding the constitutional plebiscite in the same election means barangay machines can also be mobilized to deliver the outcome the administration desires.
Dutton said a postal vote would not require legislation to establish, would not be compulsory and would be a more cheaply administered option than a regular plebiscite.
Nationally, the right to the plebiscite is guaranteed in the Guatemalan Constitution, in the Municipal Code, and in the Law on Urban and Rural Development Councils (Decrees 12-2002 and 11-2002, respectively).
I want to explain the significance of the plebiscite to citizens from a neutral position, although I have been calling for rescinding the relocation plan,'' he said.
In California, at least, we avoid investigating initiatives because of their status as plebiscites.
The Zapatistas are describing the plebiscite as a "consultation for the recognition of the rights of indigenous people and the end of the war of extermination.
Confusion between the concepts of a referendum and a plebiscite can be avoided by using the term direct votes to refer to public votes on a given issue where the binding effect of the votes has not been determined or to refer collectively to both referenda and plebiscites.
An election gun ban will be enforced in Navotas City until January next year in relation to a forthcoming plebiscite in three of its barangays.
The House of Representatives also scheduled discussions of a bill proposed by Congressman Nur Ja-afar, which called for ARMM's division into two autonomous regions, to facilitate the holding of two plebiscites for autonomy in Muslim-dominated villages that are near ARMM, the Standard said.
The result of the vote will be nonbinding but a city ordinance requires the mayor and the city assembly to respect the outcome of such plebiscites.
Mind you, these plebiscites won't be government-run.
In two previous plebiscites, island voters favored the current commonwealth status, but statehood support has been growing.