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J.: <<Das Plebiscitum Ogulnium de Sacerdotibus: Uberlegungen zu Authentizitat und Interpretation der iivianischen Uberlieferung>>, RhM, 131/1, 1988, pp.
Perhaps they've been put off by years of people telling them they're in the middle of watching the Champions League and to stick their leaflets right up their plebiscitum.
Sulpicius had been at odds with Sulla since both took office, and the consul was to be stripped of his proconsular command against Mithridates and that command was to be transferred to Marius by means of a plebiscitum. The tribune was following the precedent set by T.
Tan es asi que ahora va por el segundo plebiscitum. Se quiere poner la soga al cuello, preguntandoles a los ciudadanos de la capital del pais, si quieren que se vaya o se quede como jefe de Gobierno.