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PLEDGER. The same as pawner. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In any case, Dixon has claimed whistleblower status and appealed her firing, saying Pledger retaliated against her.
After visiting RT Projects and getting to know Beano and his partner Emma Beattie, he put on a gig at Claypath Deli featuring Durham bands The Kets and Bubamara, and also Durham-based singer/songwriter Steve Pledger, with all the ticket money going to the charity.
Pledger became the club's first senior quadruple title winner when she claimed the ladies' singles, ladies' doubles, mixed doubles and mixed veterans' doubles trophies.
It was the first time it had ever flooded, and Pledger was miffed.
| Congratulations to Adam and Claire Pledger at the Park House Restaurant for their top award and commendation at the Conde Nast Johansens Champagne Taittinger UK Wine List Awards 2016.
Results Durham Sunday Cup: Billingham The Merlin 4 (Pledger 3, Cole) Crawcrook Albion 4; Fairfield Sports & Social Club 1 (Jordan) Tantobie Commercial 3; Ryton Country House 0 Norton Unicorn 6 (Walton, Smith 2, Cook, Mann, Chamberlain); South Shields Prince Edwards Pirates 6 Storytellers Utd 1 (Burns); The Royal 3 (Melrose, Wilkinson, Blackburn) Consett Demi 6.
Pledger, the former Sig Sauer executive, credits Fini with knowing how to reposition the company's brand for the consumer market.
"The days are tough, the work is hard and we work long hours - but awards like this make it all worthwhile," said Mr Pledger.
Pledger. She and lawyer Staci Rubin from Alternatives for Community & Environment worked with residents and officials in various communities that have regional landfills and incinerators to urge waste-ban enforcement.
For pounds 50, pledgers get a signed copy of Mayflower, a copy of his previous album Asthill Grove, a thank you and extra goodies, while pounds 100 gets a personalised recording of the pledger's choice, dedicated to them.
** KNIGHT, Fran Literature to support the Australian curriculum: annotated lists of fiction and poetry Fran Knight, Pledger Consulting, 2011 99pp $38.50 ISBN 9781876678258 SCIS 1516857