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PLEDGER. The same as pawner. (q.v.)

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One of the researchers on the Southampton project, Dr Mirco Tonin, says: The written testaments of pledgers give us a fascinating insight into the philanthropic motivations of the extremely rich.
The 23-year-old Pledger was riding on a bush track with his friends when his motorcycle rammed into a tree, ending up in a fatal accident from whIch there was no chance of survival.
The restaurant's Adam Pledger said: "This is not something we Knew of and will obviously investigate and rectify whilst waiting for communication from PPL regarding the fine.
Pledger Consulting has produced a very helpful, well-informed handbook for those working in the field of education and reader guidance which addresses the current curriculum in Australian schools.
Danny Pledger, a 23-year-old web designer, said his daughter had learned her alphabet by watching him on the programme.
Mr Haddon-Cave slammed two senior officers for their role as chiefs of the MoDs Defence Logistics - General Sir Sam Cowan and air Chief Marshal Malcolm Pledger, saying both "b ear particular responsibility for the episode of cuts, chance, dilution and distraction".
When the economy takes a hit, it's easy to play it safe," says Marcia Pledger, business columnist with Ohio's largest daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer, and author of My Biggest Mistake .
Operational services manager at the hospital Jenny Pledger said: "There was a lot of concern that health services were disappearing from Tynedale but hopefully the public will have confidence in the new building.
The Guardian uses about as much electricity as a handheld hair dryer and can be installed on a commercial plane within 9 1/2 minutes, said Jack Pledger, director of Infrared Countermeasures Business Development at Northrop.
Gingerbread Properties LLC, led by Norman Pledger, bought the Prothro Medical Center at 5207 E.
Hoche director Mike Pledger said supplies of UK-grown salad-type Vivaldis had run out four months early in September, forcing the company to ship in imports from Israel.
Sigarms has invested heavily in equipment and engineering resources to ensure law enforcement has the best and most durable firearms to bring to bear in the war on terror and that those pistols are made right here in America," said Jim Pledger, Sigarms law enforcement and military sales vice president.