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PLEDGER. The same as pawner. (q.v.)

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Most of them are pursuing cases for downstream residents like Pledger who live along Buffalo Bayou and were impacted by the Army Corps' controlled releases.
I wish we had a billion dollars under management," Pledger said, calling the ADV "a little misleading.
Congratulations to Adam and Claire Pledger at the Park House Restaurant for their top award and commendation at the Conde Nast Johansens Champagne Taittinger UK Wine List Awards 2016.
Pledger, the former Sig Sauer executive, credits Fini with knowing how to reposition the company's brand for the consumer market.
One of the researchers on the Southampton project, Dr Mirco Tonin, says: The written testaments of pledgers give us a fascinating insight into the philanthropic motivations of the extremely rich.
The days are tough, the work is hard and we work long hours - but awards like this make it all worthwhile," said Mr Pledger.
Pledger Consulting has produced a very helpful, well-informed handbook for those working in the field of education and reader guidance which addresses the current curriculum in Australian schools.
Saffron Pledger - who won't even start school for another year and a half - is now set to join high IQ society Mensa after tests revealed she has an IQ of 140, reports the Daily Mail.
New Zealand: Tait 12, Penney 26, Vukona 11, Abercrombie 23, Bradshaw 10, Fitchett, Jones 13, Cameron 3, Frank 8, Pledger, Anthony 2, Kench
Initiatives to end the seal hunt on the part of the Humane Society include boycotting Canadian seafood products until the hunt is ended, and making a pledge to do something pro-Canada if the country ends its commercial hunt, from buying a lifetime supply of maple syrup to posting a video in which the pledger sings "O Canada.
Mr Haddon-Cave slammed two senior officers for their role as chiefs of the MoDs Defence Logistics - General Sir Sam Cowan and air Chief Marshal Malcolm Pledger, saying both "b ear particular responsibility for the episode of cuts, chance, dilution and distraction".
When the economy takes a hit, it's easy to play it safe," says Marcia Pledger, business columnist with Ohio's largest daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer, and author of My Biggest Mistake .