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adj. full, complete, covering all matters, usually referring to an order, hearing or trial.

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PLENARY. Full, complete.
     2. In the courts of admiralty, and in the English ecclesiastical courts, causes or suits in respect of the different course of proceeding in each, are termed plenary or summary. Plenary, or full and formal suits, are those in which the proceedings must be full and formal: the term summary is applied to those causes where the proceedings are more succinct and less formal. Law's Oughton, 41; 2 Chit. Pr. 481.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At the end of Tuesday's meeting of the presidents of the parliamentary groups, it was decided to postpone the plenary session by one day.
The pope also wished the CBCP plenary assembly to "bear fruit for the benefit of all the faithful in an environment of living communion."
Gle-blo Brown of Maryland County says the CBL and TEMT should appear before plenary to discuss wider issues of the Liberian economy.
A plenary council is the highest form of gathering of any local church.
As per the decision taken by FTAF Plenary, a team of evaluators will be visiting Sri Lanka during May 2019 and the team will meet all relevant stakeholders, including the private sector and the highest political authorities to verify the implementation of the FATF Action Plan and to ascertain Sri Lanka's political commitment towards implementation of AML/CFT.
09.15-10.30 Second Plenary Session Shifting Relationships and the Emerging Middle Eastern Order Sh Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bahrain Adel Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saudi Arabia
According to the website of the forum, Putin and participants of the plenary session will "discuss such issues as: what will the global energy industry be like tomorrow and what priority tasks need to be achieved to ensure reliable energy supplies to the largest macroregions of the planet and each country individually and on this basis to enhance the competitiveness of national economies and improve the quality of life of millions of people.
class="MsoNormalOther outstanding plenary resolutions the audit faults the secretariat for having failed to implement was the agreement to have the results transmission server hosted locally.
China hosted its first FAO IGG Tea (the 18th plenary) in 2008 in Hangzhou.
The decision to place Pakistan on the global money-laundering watchdog's grey list was made during its plenary meeting in February this year.
However, he added prior to the next FATF Plenary scheduled in June 2018 on the areas identified by the FATF, an Action Plan with time-frame, will be developed.
During the plenary, the Judges also adopted a revision to the Code of Professional Conduct for the Judges of the Mechanism, adding a disciplinary mechanism for the Judges of the Mechanism.