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com), the preferred provider of high-performance cabling and connectivity solutions, today announced a series of commercial-grade digital plenum cables that offer true digital performance while meeting the highest standards in safety and reliability.
Demonstrations and testing done on both limited-combustible and plenum cables have shown that limited-combustible cables do not ignite as easily or burn independently under the same fire conditions that a plenum cable will ignite and propagate flames along the cable itself.
In effect, there is no plenum cable standard in Europe.
In plenum cable, 8010M and 8010Z can also replace costly AOM (ammonium octamolybdate) smoke suppressant.
has released its Colorguard Low Smoke Color Concentrates for use in wire and cable applications using plenum cable.
Copper Cables: The high-performance riser and plenum cable supports backbone and horizontal applications.
The United Nations is seeking qualified companies to provide electrical diagnostic tools and supplies with the following specifications: -Fluke Ti 400 infrared Camera High temp measurement up to 2192AuF (1200AuC) 76,800 pixels (320 x 240) Accuracy: Ay2AuC or 2% High resolution 640x480 capacitive touch screen 12Au x 9Au field of view Streaming video (USB and HDMI) 60Hz image capture frequency -Infrared thermometer, Fluke 561 -Digital multimeter, Amprobe AC40B -UV leak detection kit, Yellowjacket LED Micro UV #68790 -Carbon monoxide detector, UEi #C071A -Electrical cable, 12-3, 250 ft roll, Romex 12-3 -Electrical cable, 12-2, 250 ft roll, Romex 12-2 -CAT6 plenum cable, qty 1000 ft, pullout box, UTP -Electrical surge protectors
We will be featuring many of our innovative Flexible Fiber technology products, as well as North America's first UL Certified Plastic Optical Fiber Plenum cable and Media Converter Kit which are ideal for telcos looking to deploy leading customer premise equipment that can deliver video services.
It also features UL910-rated plenum cable that provides added installation flexibility in a variety of indoor mounting locations.
Cleveland, has expanded its new line of thermoplastic elastomers for plenum cable applications requiring ultra-low smoke and flame-spread properties.
Cable - ADC's high-performance riser and plenum cable supports backbone and horizontal applications.
Belden 1695A or equivalent plenum cable - yellow (no substitutions for colour).