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To study and compare Pneumonia Severity Index and CURB-65 in assessing the severity of Community Acquired Pneumonia.
Bacterial pneumonia in HIV-infected patients: use of the pneumonia severity index and impact of current management on incidence, aetiology and outcome.
Pneumonia Severity Index has similar sensitivity to CURB-65
They collected data on clinical signs and symptoms at presentation, as well as chest x-ray findings, preantibiotic blood cultures, time to antibiotic administration data, Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI) scores, intensive care unit (ICU) transfer rates, and mortality data.
This study provides good support for 2 theories in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia: (1) emergency physicians should calculate the Pneumonia Severity Index score for each patient; and (2) patients in risk classes I through III can be treated as outpatients.