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And stressed staff at the Government-run agency have resorted to using pocket calculators to handle claims and debts worth millions of pounds every month.
Computation would be a broader phenomenon, including processes in pocket calculators and so on.
Math toolboxes for personal computers are creating the same level of excitement as early pocket calculators.
collins examines chess computers and pocket calculators and explains how and why they are able to work.
amp;uot;Long before the PC or even pocket calculators, Pete envisioned an interactive world where music played an integral role.
When the girls get their bill out come the pocket calculators.
It is scandalous that this multi-million pound computer system is so completely unreliable that CSA staff are having to get pocket calculators out simply to keep the backlog down.
Sir CliveSinclair's successful inventions have a bearing on all our lives -the first pocket calculators, digital watches,miniature TVs,home computers -he led the way in the development of them all and made them accessible to huge numbers of people.
First, using large saltwater aquaria, Tender and his colleagues demonstrated that the bacteria could generate enough current to operate devices such as pocket calculators.
THOUSANDS of schoolchildren in Coventry are being issued with free pocket calculators.
Love 'em or loathe 'em, the Yuppie plaything is now as much a part of our lives as PCs and pocket calculators.