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Pocket calculators for adding up, spellchecks on this very computer Iamusing now, even washing machines and certainly dishwashers.
It became fashionable among industry leaders to have their wristwatches, pocket calculators, and ATM cards sprout hair in their own natural color.
High Street banks including Barclays and NatWest are to send out millions of card-readers the size of pocket calculators for online customers wanting to transfer money from their account to a third party.
Pocket calculators, bigger than paving slabs, meant a generation of school kids could write rude words upside down.
FRUSTRATED staff at the Child Support Agency are forced to use pocket calculators to work out benefit pay-outs - because their pounds 450 million computer system doesn't work.
claims to have found a better way to integrate denim, suede, leather, fur, lace, velvet and other fabrics into the surfaces of enclosures for portable devices like cell phones, laptop computers, and pocket calculators.
Fleming's experiments have different results: dances for watch hands, pocket calculators, semaphores, metronomes, fingers, photocopiers, playing cards, and chess boards seem less like literary devices than some absurd Peter Schickele/PDQ Bach composition.
Yet that is still a distinct possibility as this amazing season of twists, turns and exhilarating excitement reaches its climax in a crescendo of ifs and buts, to the background noise of pocket calculators whirring.
Later, as I thought about the entrenched market for these cameras, I recalled the first pocket calculators.
But for Jim Furyk, Stewart Cink and Tom Lehman, the next three on the list, pocket calculators might be as important as tee pegs and ball-markers come the weekend.
A quarter-century later, true pocket calculators sell for $10 - cheaper than a slide rule was in 1952.