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New clinical guidebook: "Clinical Use of Pulse Oximetry: Pocket Reference 2010"
SonoAccess takes the concept of a pocket reference guide to a whole new level and places a comprehensive library of ultrasound videos and information right in the palm of a clinician's hand.
It's a worthy emblem of this entire show, reminding us of Borges's "silky vade mecum" in The Library of Babel: an infinitely diaphanous pocket reference in which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.
Steven Feuerstein, Bill Pribyl and Chip Dawes' ORACLE PL/SQL LANGUAGE POCKET REFERENCE (0596514042, $14.
Engineers' Guide to Rotating Equipment--The Pocket Reference, Professional Engineering Publishing, Londra, (2002).
A pocket reference guide titled, "Survival Spanish for Banking & Financial Services" has been published by the Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) in conjunction with Workplace Languages.
Other benefits have included gift certificates to purchase a new set of scrubs, pocket reference guides, and more.
Investigations Simplified includes a forms sample appendix that guides you on proper forms to use when performing an investigation, decision trees to assist in determining a course of action, a pocket reference card to help staff in their day-today duties, and more.
Laurent and Michael Fitzgerald's XML POCKET REFERENCE 3RD EDITION (0596100507, $9.
Briggs Corporation offers the Pressure Ulcer Pocket Reference.
Take note of these points published in the Pocket Reference Book - Get That Job.