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Nutrient Depletions has gathered the most comprehensive information for your pocket reference from:
Previous editions of this pocket reference have proved very popular, particularly among junior medical staff and intensive care nurses.
This pocket reference and revision book is meant for medical students and junior doctors preparing for major exams in clinical medicine or needing review of essential facts.
A resource for new delegates has also been created and will give them a pocket reference with information such as the NSU/ TRT structure, timing of meetings and delegate responsibilities.
"SonoAccess takes the concept of a pocket reference guide to a whole new level and places a comprehensive library of ultrasound videos and information right in the palm of a clinician's hand."
It's a worthy emblem of this entire show, reminding us of Borges's "silky vade mecum" in The Library of Babel: an infinitely diaphanous pocket reference in which the center is everywhere and the circumference nowhere.
The site's main goal is to sell you a printed, glove-box-sized version of the edicts (The Official Shotgun Rules Pocket Reference Guide), which would be easier to consult in the car than a website.
The Pocket Reference Oscillator (PRO Series) is the industry's first frequency control product to integrate a complete HCMOS crystal clock oscillator in a rugged SMA housing.
Engineers' Guide to Rotating Equipment--The Pocket Reference, Professional Engineering Publishing, Londra, (2002).
A pocket reference guide titled, "Survival Spanish for Banking & Financial Services" has been published by the Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) in conjunction with Workplace Languages.
Investigations Simplified includes a forms sample appendix that guides you on proper forms to use when performing an investigation, decision trees to assist in determining a course of action, a pocket reference card to help staff in their day-today duties, and more.
Laurent and Michael Fitzgerald's XML POCKET REFERENCE 3RD EDITION (0596100507, $9.95) has been updated to cover Schema--but retains its exceptional portability ('pocket size' in this case truly means pocket-sized for purse or coat pocket; not for briefcase), xs code definitions complete with examples, and quick but clear explanations which cover elements, attributes, usage and more.