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Intense audience engagement" makes podcasts attractive to advertisers.
Airlines have already stocked their “inflight entertainment” options with various podcasts flyers can listen to at 34,000 feet.
Credit Union Times also has an archive of its podcasts available to catch up on any you missed or to revisit a certain topic.
Top Business Podcasts - This list represents the top podcasts that were defined as a business podcast via tagging.
On desktop or laptop, a podcast can be listened to on any software that can play an audio file, like Windows Media player.
There are thousands of amateur and professional podcasts being produced daily, covering everything from art to movie reviews, to news and sports.
Jamestown has made its mark by helping students extend their writing projects with other publication options, like the podcasts, or videos and blogs.
uk service creates podcasts ( digital audio files playable on a PC or iPod music player ( to carry lectures, speeches or marketing messages.
With his co-host Neville Hobson, ABC, Holtz produces the podcast "For Immediate Release," available at www.
The first two issues will include information on: bloggers adoption of podcasting, podcasting as marketing, podcasting in the UK, corporate use of podcasting, music, production advice, copyright and other legal issues, attracting listeners, establishing a format, podcast service providers, and best practices in podcasting.
Second, almost nobody can count the number of times a podcast is heard or watched.
Both beginners and advanced users receive tutorials on everything from selecting equipment to creating a podcast which flows and works well.