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It occurred to me that direct-care critical care nurses in their patient/family advocacy role often find themselves at this point of tangency, struggling to have the voices from both patient and health care worlds hear each other in the decision-making process.
It also follows that there is no longer a single point of tangency between the CML and the opportunity set in 3D.
Based on this, we will calculate the point of tangency of the efficient frontier and the indifference curve (in analogy to the procedure described in the previous section).
What Nilakanth saw at the point of tangency between Hinduism and Christianity were frictions and incongruities that would keep him preoccupied for many years.
At this point of tangency between the hyperplane and the ellipsoid, the outward normal of the ellipsoid is 2[[SIGMA].
From the points of intersection of the tangents with the extension of the diameter, he then produces parallel lines, in any direction, whose length is equal to the distance from the point of tangency to the extension of the diameter.
Given a production possibilities curve and a state indifference curve or preference function, the point of tangency would indicate the coordinates of the plan.
Underlying this configuration of the backward bending supply curve, in Diagram One, as the wage r ate increases from a' to d, the individual indifference curves' point of tangency with the rising price line moves further to the left, from [e.