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While it was beyond the scope of this point prevalence study to determine the reasons for omissions of care, there is evidence to suggest many may be due to preventable slips and lapses that can lead to adverse patient events (24).
The difference in point prevalence of fever and slide positivity among indigenous tribes and migrant labourers, the difference in slide positivity of young tribal children (aged < 10 yr) and elder tribal, as well the difference in proportion of history of having fever over past month among indigenous tribes and migrant labourers were tested by [chi square] test.
In total, 610 were infested with Tunga penetrans, resulting in a point prevalence of 53% (95% confidence interval, 50%-56%), although 65% had experienced the flea in the past month.
The point prevalence of low back pain for the hospital workers was 20.
The design of our epidemiologic study provides the most accurate estimate of the point prevalence of MRMP available thus far.
Second report from the EUropean, multi-centre, prospective bi-annual point prevalence study of CLostridium difficile Infection in hospitalised patients with Diarrhoea (EUCLID) PO753.
A study at a primary healthcare clinic [5] employed otomicroscopy to ascertain the point prevalence of otitis media in a paediatric population in a public health clinic in Diepsloot, a densely populated settlement north of Johannesburg.
Secondary end points included long-term continuous abstinence (weeks 9-26), 7-day point prevalence abstinence (smokeless tobacco abstinence for the previous 7 days), and the safety and tolerability of varenicline.
The primary outcome was the point prevalence rate of paternal depression, and the secondary outcome included rates of depression of female partners.
We identified a higher point prevalence of both HCV and HIV in BC compared to custodial youth in Ontario (HCV 1.