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OK?" * Point size--For body text in printed documents the optimal point size is between 10 and 12 point.
Following that, we analyze empirically the various attributes of diamonds that determine their prices, which allows us to identify pricing discontinuities that occur at focal point sizes. We then explore several alternative explanations for the observed pricing anomalies, including whole-number effects, rule-of-thumb purchasing decision rules, diamonds as a store of value, and status good/posting bond reasons.
And yet, without this background knowledge of kerning, leading, typefaces, point size, and even uppercase and lowercase, it is not easy to understand what a desktop publisher is doing for us.
On a Mac, the weight is displayed in point size. Choose a point size of "2."
(Text expansion refers to the number and length of words in the translation; rarely will translations match up exactly.) Faced with copy too long for the allotted space, the graphic designer really has only two options: Shrink the point size of the text, or shrink the leading.
* Point size 24 to 40 is ideal for computer readability.
For a reference source that contains only text the book is remarkably generous with (white) space and a large point size.
The introductory material is not standardized, which can confuse readers searching for a date, and it is italicized in the same point size as the body text, often making it difficult to ascertain where one letter begins and another one ends.
* At 8 feet, make 1 inch tall letters or 95 point size
* Select a clear, readable font with appropriate point size. A good choice is Arial, 12-point.
10--the point size of letters being adopted by increasing numbers of street maps, which up to now had relied on tiny six- or seven-point type.
A point size that is too large is as hard on the eye as one that's too small.