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I got into a pointless argument with the manager at the local garden centre when he suggested I needed decking.
Which is just one of the reasons why the latest row about the composition of the British football team is the most pointless argument I've heard in a long time.
I do not intend to get into pointless argument with you about collision and casualty statistics - your behaviour as a convicted offender, apparently in denial, renders you an irrelevance to serious debate on this issue.
It's a pointless argument, as fashionistas think ethics is where tarty blonde girls with lisps come from.
MOST pointless argument of the week was triggered by Yoko Ono's assertion that John Lennon's songs weren't covered by other artists because they were too good.
It's a topic of conversation which usually descends into the realm of what some would say is a pointless argument whenever a group of supporters are gathered together.
Gray went on to mention that James McFadden and Darren Fletcher wouldn't have got a sniff of a cap when he was in the Scotland team, but that's a totally pointless argument - we all know we had a better side 20 years ago.
We had a silly pointless argument and although I was willing to say sorry, she is not.
Those who defaced the wall at Ibrox with a slur on those killed in the stadium disaster were neither bold nor funny and only managed to raise the same old pointless arguments.
By participating in pointless arguments and allowing your instructions to be ignored, you have clearly shown Tom that, regardless of what you may say, he will ultimately be allowed to do as he pleases.
Forgive yourself for the pointless arguments, turn over a new leaf and give you mum a big hug.