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POINTS, construction. Marks in writing and in print, to denote the stops that ought to be made in reading, and to point out the sense.
     2. Points are not usually put in legislative acts or in deeds: Eunom. Dial. 2, Sec. 33, p. 239; yet, in construing them, the courts must read them with such stops as will give effect to the whole. 4 T. R. 65.
     3. The points are the comma, the semi-colon, the colon, the full point, the point of interrogation and exclamation. Barr. on the Stat. 294, note; vide Punctuation.

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Sansone finished with 15 points, and junior Chelsey Hastigan led Valencia with 16.
In the event of a tie on Highest, Longest, Most challenges (for example, if two teams have a 20-stair ollie) both teams get the 50 points.
For example, Locke (1977) concluded that students recorded a greater percentage of critical points from a lecture when points were written on the blackboard as opposed to being presented by spoken word alone.
To score, first add together all your plus points and write that number down.
5 percent with two points costs $2,000 up front and results in monthly payments of $699.
If taxpayers provide at closing amounts equal to the points through down payments, escrow deposits, earnest money or other personal funds, the points are deductible interest.
94-27 that, as a matter of administrative practice, an individual pruchasing a principal residence may claim an immediate deduction for points paid, even if they are paid by the seller.
Stepheson, one of the top juniors in the country, finished with 21 points, 17 rebounds and 12 blocks for his first triple-double of the season.
For a buyer to claim a deduction for seller-paid points, all of the following requirements must be met:(5)
The amounts must conform to the established business practice for charging points and must not exceed the amounts generally charged for points in the geographic location of the home.
Caise Burris scored 13 points and had eight assists, and Tony Meza added 14 for Simi Valley.
the Form HUD-1) as points (for example, as loan origination fees (including amounts so designated on VA and FHA loans), loan discount, discount points or points), regardless of whether shown as paid from the borrower's or the seller's funds at settlement;