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Then you got to go outside and throw those pointy sticks.
The book's expressive, comic illustrations show the pleasure Riley derives from his favorite activities -- from eating a slug to scratching his back with a pointy stick.
I suppose the telling sign is a faulty petrol gauge which means that each time I want to judge how much fuel I have left, I have to thrust a long pointy stick deep into the tank.
You hit sixty-five, we ship you to the Aleutian Islands and place you on an ice floe with matches and a pointy stick.
If you find Jafaican youth-speak unbearable, and wish that Fatboy in EastEnders came with subtitles, here that very same language has been sharpened into a pointy stick to poke an entire subculture in the eye.
At the surface they can kill humans quickly and efficiently, but when they are swimming deep below, they were completely at ease with the divers, ignoring Ben and the team as they swam a safe distance away with only a pointy stick to defend themselves.
Any clerk of the course would break his pointy stick over his knee and weep.
The premise is as simple as running around a track or throwing a large pointy stick across a field.
He was spotted after the last digging a pointy stick into the betting-ring tarmac and mouthing the words, 'good, good to soft in places'.