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SOLVENT. One who has sufficient to pay his debts, and all obligations. Dig. 50, 16, 114.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As it can be noticed, from the difference between the solubility parameter values of the polymer and the ones of the different kind of solvents, it can be confirmed what previously said: the compatibility order for PE-solvent mixtures tends to be: dispersion solvents > polar solvents > association solvents, while the compatibility order for PVAc-solvents mixtures tends to be: polar solvents > association solvents.
Polar solvents such as alcohols, DMF, water, ketone and acid work well under MW and are able to reach high temperatures in a short time.
However, when he applied the method to synthetic copolymers and/or mixed polar solvents, quantitative agreement was not obtained.
Many researchers calculated TPC from different parts of plants and most of them reported significantly higher values of TPC obtained by using polar solvents [42, 43].
The HOMO-LUMO energies are greater in polar solvents relative to that in hexane and gas phase.
They also have poor resistance to polar solvents. With some cyanoacrylates, blooming--or the white haze that can form on the assembly around the bond line--may occur.
* BSR: Brilliant Solvent Resistant Series for more polar solvents such as C & T type gravure as well as screen inks
Extraction and Fractionation of Antioxidants: About 250 gm shade-dried ground whole plant was extracted successively with non- polar and polar solvents like petroleum ether chloroform and methanol and water by maceration for 8 days in each of the solvents respectively.
Polar solvents complicate both absorption and emission spectra due to solvatochromism which was assigned to redistribution of the [pi]-electron density along the molecule due to polarized solvent environment [4].
The net retention volumes, [V.sub.N], of the nonpolar and polar solvents on the PEG and PEG-Tos were obtained from IGC measurements between 303 and 373 K using (1).
The Solubility of LIN in Different Polar Solvents. It was necessary to know the solubility of LIN in different polar solvents before solid-liquid extraction.
Paine, "Dispersion polymerization of styrene in polar solvents. 7.