Police Community Support Officer

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Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

individuals who under legislative authority work alongside the police in a supporting role. They patrol their local area, providing assistance and dealing with incidents of nuisance and antisocial behaviour. They may be given the power to direct traffic and issue fixed penalty notices. It is an offence to assault or resist such a person or to impersonate a PCSO.
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West Midlands Police is hoping to enlist 800 officers, 150 new police community support officers and 200 specialist staff over the next three years.
However, the force has lost more than a tenth of its Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in a year, with numbers down 11% from 649 in September 2014 to 578 in September 2015.
Police Community Support Officers will also be visiting children in the hospital to talk to them about being a Police Officer and taking their fingerprints.
Western Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Joe Ruddy, said: "Steve possessed all the qualities to be a fantastic Police Community Support Officer - hard working, enthusiastic, someone who loved helping people.
Scotland Yard spent pounds 3,311,164 on advertising and marketing for police community support officer (PCSO) positions in the financial year 2006-07.
More than 500 police officers and police community support officers have been trained to help prevent older and vulnerable residents from falling victim to bogus traders.
Some of those held are understood to be British nationals, and one is a former police community support officer.
Detective Chief Inspector Mark Guinness told the ECHO: This was a cowardly and unprovoked attack of a police community support officer who was simply doing his job.
THREE police constables and a police community support officer will be charged over the treatment of a disabled man murdered in Bristol by a vigilante who said he was a paedophile.
Neighbourhood Police Officer of the Year - PC Joanne Runagall, Redcar and Cleveland Neighbourhood Police Community Support Officer of the Year - PCSO Debbie McClelland, Middlesbrough Neighbourhood Team of the Year - Redcar Team ?
Police Community Support Officer James Boakes will work with local businesses to share intelligence about persistent offenders and offer a tailored crime prevention package.
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