Police Community Support Officer

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Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

individuals who under legislative authority work alongside the police in a supporting role. They patrol their local area, providing assistance and dealing with incidents of nuisance and antisocial behaviour. They may be given the power to direct traffic and issue fixed penalty notices. It is an offence to assault or resist such a person or to impersonate a PCSO.
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The van - staffed by police and police community support officers - has been targeting the Ashenhurst, Lowerhouses, Almondbury, Rawthorpe and Moldgreen areas.
Detective Sergeant Chris Pendlington, chairman of Cleveland Police Federation, said no official review had been done into the impact of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).
Police community support officers will be delivering the hi-tech kits over the next few days.
The scheme re-launched yesterday at St David's shopping centre, where a team of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), dressed as a Mexican, Indiana Jones, and even an Orc from Lord of the Rings, met parents and their children, to hand out leaflets and posters advising them what to do.
West Midlands Police community support officer Karen Ballard is also up for the Police Community Support Officer of the year award for her part in driving the menace of drugs from a Chelmsley Wood neighbourhood.
The office is manned for a number of hours every day by community officers, police community support officers and Specials.
West Midlands Police is hoping to enlist 800 officers, 150 new police community support officers and 200 specialist staff over the next three years.
| A Police Community Support Officer at an shooting incident in Sheepridge last year
Serving North Wales Police Community Support Officer, Richard Pepper, initiated the scheme as he believes it will provide happiness for children who cannot be at home during the Christmas period.
Police Community Support Officer Shaun Cowan will be on hand to have a chat about any local policing issues.
South Wales Police community support officer Stephen Lewis, 41, pictured, died while cycling on the A3123 during a family holiday on Monday morning.
Summary: A police officer and a police community support officer have been stabbed in a street attack, witnesses have said.

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