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Country: United States of America
State: Colorado

Is it self incrimination, asked by a police officer, while being attended too in a emergency room, "have you drank today, how did you get here(hospital)?" "yes earlier in the day(last drink 3.5 hrs ago), I drove." After the emergency surgery and being released, officer informed that I was under arrest for DUI, and would I give a breath test?" I blew three times. Officer stated that I "didn't blow hard enough, will you give blood test?" I rolled up my sleeve of my shirt, he said I refused, had me sign a paper stating I refused to take test. I signed the paper stating that this was under duress, to which he tore that up and made me sign another, "or you will lose your license." I was able to win DMV hearing and have my license, but still have to go to court. Have my rights been violated? The officer never read me my rights at any time, even after I was ocked up.


He did not exactly handle your situation correctly but he can ask if you had been drinking--we think a DUI lawyer would likely get this thrown out however...it cannot be proven you were drunk when driving...
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But under police questioning, he admitted to killing his ward because he was always unruly and ignored his instructions to behave.
After speeding into a tunnel in Taipei in his Lamborgini, leading to the deaths of a road worker and his passenger and three severe injuries, the driver of costly car and spiritual group scion on Saturday (July 7), yesterday refused to fully cooperate with police questioning, reported Liberty Times.
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Egyptian police detain a political activists and supporter of 28-year-old blogger Khaled Said who died following police questioning before the revolution in 2010, during clashes with police outside a court in Egypt's northern coastal city of Alexandria on October 1, 2013 during the trial of Egyptian police officers Awad Ismail Suleiman and Mahmud Salah Amin accused of using excessive force and killing Said.
Sylvie Beghal asked the High Court to declare that her rights were violated when she was prosecuted after objecting to police questioning following her arrival at East Midlands Airport in January 2011.
A VULNERABLE and seriously ill 83-year-old has had hours of gruelling police questioning over claims of an inappropriate incident dating back decades.
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